General route
  1. General route
Visiting Tsou tribe in Alishan- three-day trip to Pnguu Tashan Trail


Visiting Tsou tribe in Alishan- three-day trip to Pnguu Tashan Trail

Day 1: Chiayi HSR Station→ Chukou Tourist Information Center→ Pnguu Hana’s Kitchen (lunch)→
Pnguu tribe guided tour→ Wild boar fuzu experience→ Pause Café (dinner)→ Tribal B&B.

Day 2: Shenhua Trail→ Lunch→ Alishan National Forest Recreation Area→ Zhaoping Station→ A walk to Three-Generation Tree/ Xianglin Shenmu/ No. 28 Giant Tree/ Shenmu Station→ Ride on small train back to Alishan Station→ Alishan Gou Hotel (dinner/ accommodation).

Day 3: Hotel (breakfast)→ Tashan Trial- overlooking Yushan peaks- (bring your own snack)→ 13:00 lunch → Lalauya tribe coffee DIY→ Back to Chiayi HSR Station.

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Source of information: Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC